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  • Escursione Castello del Trebbio
    Escursione al Castello del Trebbio e Lago di Bilancino
  • Monti Sibillini mountain bike
    Monti Sibillini 2013 - Piano Grande
  • Monti Sibillini Mountain bike 2
    Monti Sibillini 2013
  • Scuola mountain bike Calenzano
    Mountain bike School 2013 - Calenzano
  • Scuola mountain bike Scandicci
    Mountain bike School 2013 - Scandicci
  • Via Francigena mountain bike
    Via Francigena in mountain bike - Siena
  • Evento Bicifi 2013 Firenze
    BiciFi 2013 - Fortezza Da Basso Firenze

Biker welcome!

Toscanabike, based in Tuscany close to Florence, is an Association established in 2009 by qualified Mountain bike Guides with AMIBIKE and UISP certificate.
All our skills are coming from different experiences and let us work with some important projcts and events. Our bike tours are for beginners or experts, with different types of path, climb, and so on, ride with us and will discover particular Tuscany: a wine tasting, some technical lessons to improve your driving skills!

"Toscanabike ...on a NATURAL WAY!!!"

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