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  • Escursione Castello del Trebbio
    Escursione al Castello del Trebbio e Lago di Bilancino
  • Monti Sibillini mountain bike
    Monti Sibillini 2013 - Piano Grande
  • Monti Sibillini Mountain bike 2
    Monti Sibillini 2013
  • Scuola mountain bike Calenzano
    Mountain bike School 2013 - Calenzano
  • Scuola mountain bike Scandicci
    Mountain bike School 2013 - Scandicci
  • Via Francigena mountain bike
    Via Francigena in mountain bike - Siena
  • Evento Bicifi 2013 Firenze
    BiciFi 2013 - Fortezza Da Basso Firenze

Biking for everybody

The bike tours are classified with varying difficulty: for those who want to spend a few hours in calm or for those who want to have fun on technical trails, always with the goal to have fun together but with safety.
You can contact us if you want to arrange a personal tour or you can subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed about the daily excursions we organize almost every weekend.

Escursioni mountain bike

See our BLOG to choose which one is the suitable for you!

Difficulty level classification

Safety and fun.

We classified our trips according the Norba standards. NOT intended for gravity or Downhill.

easy level

Easy - Anyone who got into the bike path for the first time (obviously you should be able to ride safely), maximum altitude 100 meters maximum length of 20 km gravel compact but not in any technical difficulty, NO singles track, from the physical point of view does not require training.

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average level

Average - Path with up to 500 meters in height and length up to 40 miles, dirt roads with the possibility of single track sections on a gentle slope, where small obstacles on foot.

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hard level

Hard - Up to 1500 mt in altitude and max 60km fund also very disconnected with the presence of single track, uphill and downhill, even with obstacles, it requires knowledge of proper safety techniques and physical preparation.

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Feel free to contact us for further information, our Staff will answer to you within one day! Email us: [email protected]

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