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  • Escursione Castello del Trebbio
    Escursione al Castello del Trebbio e Lago di Bilancino
  • Monti Sibillini mountain bike
    Monti Sibillini 2013 - Piano Grande
  • Monti Sibillini Mountain bike 2
    Monti Sibillini 2013
  • Scuola mountain bike Calenzano
    Mountain bike School 2013 - Calenzano
  • Scuola mountain bike Scandicci
    Mountain bike School 2013 - Scandicci
  • Via Francigena mountain bike
    Via Francigena in mountain bike - Siena
  • Evento Bicifi 2013 Firenze
    BiciFi 2013 - Fortezza Da Basso Firenze

About Us: Toscanabike - mountain bike experience

"Why do not we ride a mountain bike?" This was the question out on sundays after the usual "always on a road" ... Well, that was just an idea that has proven to be a wonderful world, where the bike is not only a means with which to train, but a channel of communication with the world around us and so we decided to do something more than a passion, riding in the green is an experience that combines hard work, fun and above all pleasure, a pleasure that can only be tried.

Sharing mountain bike passion

For this reason we set out to share these feelings with anyone who wanted to get closer to the sport and wanted to spend a holiday in beautiful bikes. We tried first of all learn to use the mountain bikes in a professional way and then we learned how to teach it to others, Staff the training received has taught us that, by bicycle, you can be tourists and visit the same places with a pleasure always different, you can appreciate fully the nature that surrounds us, learn to respect it.

Chi siamo

From these experiences we found Toscanabike, an association of guides with mountain biking qualified by UISP and Amibike we were born to promote the area through a sport for all, educate children to a healthy and educational activities and offer always different activities for all ages to have fun but above all to entertain you!

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